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China Honors Alan S. Koch
Mr. Koch Receives Highest Honor at Software Conference
Published: 1 May 2009
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China Honors Alan S. Koch
Mr. Koch Receives Highest Honor
at Software Conference

1 May 2009

Alan S Koch of Western Pennsylvania-based ASK Process, Inc. was recognized as the most honored expert at the 2009 Tianjin International Conference on Software Testing (TIST 2009) last week in Tianjin, China. The conference was attended by hundreds of software professionals from the Beijing area, and the Tianjin Software Park (TJsoft).

Yalou Huang PhD, Vice Director of the Science & Technology Commission, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, Bin Yang PhD, Director of the Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park, Dr. Guo Honhqi, President of the Tianjin Software Industry Association, and Mr. Zhou Wenhe, Director of the Tianjin Software Testing Center (TSTC) kicked off TIST 2009 with a ceremony in which they presented Mr. Koch with the distinguished expert status. Mr. Koch was the most honored of a variety of experts who were invited to the conference, including those from South Korea, India, Norway, Vietnam and a variety of companies in China, including Microsoft.

After the kick-off ceremony, the conference began on 23 April with keynote speeches by these same government officials as well as a speech by Mr. Koch entitled "What is 'Agile', and Why Should Testers Care?" In addition to his keynote, Mr. Koch also gave well-attended presentations during the conference about "The Role of Testers on Agile Projects" and "Planning for Effective Testing".

China is quickly becoming an important outsourcing partner for companies in the United States. As US professionals engage in the expert creative work of conceiving, designing and validating advanced software systems, they look to outsourcers for more elementary development and testing tasks. Mr. Koch's participation in this conference is part of an on-going effort to ensure that US companies have foreign trading partners staffed with the caliber of software professionals on which their success depends.

Over the past decade, ASK Process, Inc. ( has enabled scores of organizations in the United States and around the world to achieve success in Information Technology and software development by applying a pragmatic approach that exploits industry standards, as well as both traditional and Agile methods to meet clients' unique challenges and needs.

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