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ASK Process, Inc. provides these consulting services to ensure that your software and IT services are dependable, smooth, and cost-effective.
We also provide Training to support these services!

Areas of Expertise

IT Service Management - Certified ITIL® Expert consulting on all topics from Service Desk to Availability Management to Continuous Service Improvement.

IT Governance and Management - Certified COBIT® 5 consulting on all topics from Governance to planning, management and oversight.

Software Development Processes - Agile or traditional methods for project management, business analysis, testing, etc. (using Scrum, eXtreme programming, CMMI®, PMBOK® and other methods and models)

Software Quality - Quality Control (V&V, Testing, Reviews) as well as Quality Assurance.

Consulting Options

We evaluate your organization's methods and processes.

On-Site Consulting - We come to your site to guide your staff.

Remote Consulting
We guide your staff via telephone and e-mail.

Consulting Subscription - We answer questions and review documents via telephone and e-mail.

On-Site Contracting
We provide personnel in addition to guidance.


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Areas of Expertise

Software Development Processes

Whether you use Agile, traditional, both, or a hybrid methodology, we can guide you in solving your process and quality problems.

Choosing a Methodology - Selecting the right methodology for your organization is a complex task that requires knowledge of the various available options and an objective evaluation of the complexities and needs of your organization. ASK brings to each consulting engagement the knowledge about a wide variety of methodologies and models, both traditional and Agile. We have evaluated numerous organizations, and guided them in acting on their needs.

Agile Methods - ASK is uniquely qualified to guide you in considering or implementing an Agile methodology, having been active in the Agile movement since 2004. What kinds of projects are best for Agile? How will it affect my customers? What are the implications for how we manage? How will my developers cope? Whether it is Scrum, XP (eXtreme programming), another of the dozen Agile methods, or just "Agility" itself that has drawn your attention, we can help you to sort through the issues, make an informed decision, and make it work in practice.

Traditional Methods - ASK has been consulting on traditional methodologies since the 1990's. We have special experience with guiding clients to compliance with the CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model Integration from the Software Engineering Institute) - our clients have never failed an Appraisal! In addition, we draw from many other traditional sources including:

  • PMBOK® - Project Management Body of Knowledge from the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • BABOK® - Business Analysis Body of Knowledge from the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA)
  • SWEBOK - Software Engineering Body of Knowledge from the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • SPIBOK - Software Process Improvement Body of Knowledge from the International Institute for Software Process (IISP)


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