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ASK Process, Inc. provides these consulting services to ensure that your software and IT services are dependable, smooth, and cost-effective.
We also provide Training to support these services!

Areas of Expertise

IT Service Management - Certified ITIL® Expert consulting on all topics from Service Desk to Availability Management to Continuous Service Improvement.

IT Governance and Management - Certified COBIT® 5 consulting on all topics from Governance to planning, management and oversight.

Software Development Processes - Agile or traditional methods for project management, business analysis, testing, etc. (using Scrum, eXtreme programming, CMMI®, PMBOK® and other methods and models)

Software Quality - Quality Control (V&V, Testing, Reviews) as well as Quality Assurance.

Consulting Options

We evaluate your organization's methods and processes.

On-Site Consulting - We come to your site to guide your staff.

Remote Consulting
We guide your staff via telephone and e-mail.

Consulting Subscription - We answer questions and review documents via telephone and e-mail.

On-Site Contracting
We provide personnel in addition to guidance.


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Areas of Expertise

Software Quality

Software Quality has always been a special focus for ASK. We have expertise in all phases of software quality work, and can help you to establish or improve how you do any of these things:

Quality Assurance (QA) - This includes all of the pro-active things that you do to ensure that your products and services will be high quality. (Although many people call testing "QA", that is actually Quality Control.)

QA includes things like establishing and enforcing your processes, doing continuous process improvement, analyzing data to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement. ASK can guide you in capitalizing on your tremendous opportunities to institute QA practices that will yield real benefits.

Quality Control (QC) - These are the reactive things that we do to detect and correct quality failures. Often referred to as Verification and Validation (V&V), these include testing (Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance, etc.) and reviews or inspections of documents, code, designs or other artifacts.

ASK can help you to understand where your QC practices are falling short, and help you to institute effective industry-verified practices to ensure that your products meet your quality needs.


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