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  Configuration Management Articles  

"Agile" Means Disciplined SCM (Software Configuration Management)
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: Agile, ConfigMgmt   •   Date Published: 13 Jul 2008

For many people, Agile software development congers up the thought of "undisciplined" software development. The reality is that using an Agile approach to its greatest benefit requires discipline in a variety of ways. And none is more critical than the discipline of Software Configuration Management.

Audit Trails, Traceability Because Sometimes Things Go Wrong: (And no, they are not to place the blame!)
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: ConfigMgmt, Risk   •   Date Published: 20 Aug 2007
Any time we make a change to production, there is the risk that something will go wrong. Configuration Management (CM) is mainly about risk mitigation. Everything we do in CM is designed to reduce the likelihood that things will go wrong, or to reduce the adverse impact when they do go wrong. CM helps us to avoid many failures, and to recover quickly from those few that we can't avoid.

Change Management is not Change Control
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: ConfigMgmt   •   Date Published: 20 Aug 2009

A key part of planning configuration management for our projects is determining how we will manage change. After all, "change happens", and any good configuration manager is concerned with how it is managed. Unfortunately, more often than not, our processes focus more on controlling change than on managing it! That is, we put a lot of effort into trying to keep change from happening, and relatively less effort into ensuring that when (not if, but when) change happens, we manage it effectively.

Expecting Easy Integration
Topic: Quality, ConfigMgmt   •   Date Published: Feb 2009
My biggest Configuration Management mistake was in being overly optimistic! And I should know better -- I've been in Quality for a lot of years! I know that things never go as we plan and expect them to when we are integrating software. So why did I think that things would be any different when I was teaching a college class?

Tool Choice as a Quality Issue
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: Quality, ConfigMgmt   •   Date Published: 18 Nov 2008

We need to choose an SCM tool. It will mean some work to make the choice, and then more work to put it into practice. But at least we don't have to worry about it from a quality perspective. After all, the tools we choose to employ don't affect the quality of the software we produce. Well, let's think about this a bit. Hmmmmmm...

Welcoming Change
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: Agile, ConfigMgmt   •   Date Published: 18 May 2009

Change is a fact that we must live with. To avoid change is to avoid reality. The Agile methods go beyond merely acknowledging this reality. They teach us how to capitalize on the changes that will inevitably come along to produce a better result than the one we planned for in the first place. We don't just accept change, and we don't control it. Instead, we learn how to welcome change!


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