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Audit Trails, Traceability Because Sometimes Things Go Wrong: (And no, they are not to place the blame!)
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: ConfigMgmt, Risk   •   Date Published: 20 Aug 2007
Any time we make a change to production, there is the risk that something will go wrong. Configuration Management (CM) is mainly about risk mitigation. Everything we do in CM is designed to reduce the likelihood that things will go wrong, or to reduce the adverse impact when they do go wrong. CM helps us to avoid many failures, and to recover quickly from those few that we can't avoid.

No Risk of Defects!: Making Quality-Related Risks Actionable
This article is also published on Global Knowledge.
Topic: Risk, Quality   •   Date Published: 19 Jul 2006

A risk is defined as "an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project's objectives." The key word for this discussion is "uncertain". Defects are a certainty, so they do not belong on our risk list. Does that mean that quality-related risks don't belong on our risk list? Not at all! There are many potential quality-related risks, but we must be much more specific if we are to make them an actionable part of our risk planning.

Quantifying Risk: The Purpose of Testing
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: Quality, Risk, Management   •   Date Published: 16 Feb 2010

Testing is such an integral part of our software projects that we often don't stop to think about why we do it. We must do it! What else is there to know? It is obvious that software that has not been tested is unready for deployment. But as painful experience has taught us, testing does not guarantee that the software is fit to deploy. Even rigorously tested software may still have hidden fatal flaws.

Risk Management: It's not just a good idea...
This article is also published on Global Knowledge.
Topic: Risk   •   Date Published: 27 Nov 2007

Risk management, identifying the things that might go wrong on your project and deciding what to do about them, is almost universally considered to be a good idea. In fact, I can't remember ever having someone tell me that they don't think it is a good idea. "Oh yes!" I am often told, "we should do that!" ... "Should?"

The Risk of Regression
This article is also published on CM Crossroads.
Topic: Risk, Quality   •   Date Published: 19 Jun 2006

"But it was just a tiny little change! How could we have known it would cause such big problems?" Regression testing will always be necessary. But with the very limited amount of time we have for testing a "minor" change, how can we do sufficient regression testing? How can we know where to look? How can we reduce the risk that there will be problems?


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