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Agile Software Development Series

Executive Workshop: Agile Methods
– 1+/- Day

Becoming Agile – 2 Days

Agile and Iterative Development – 3 Days

Managing Software Projects Using Scrum
– 2 Days

Coaching Agile Teams – 1 Day

Agile Product Owner Workshop – 2 Days

Agile Story-Writing Workshop – 1 Day

Agile Software Development Using Scrum Workshop – 1 Day

Agile Software Development and the PMBOK® – 2 Days

The Role of Testers in Agile Projects – 1 Day

Managing Agile Projects in a CMMI®-Rated Organization – 2 Days

ITIL® Service Management the Agile Way – 1 Day

Software Project Management Series

Software Quality Series

Business Analysis Series

ITIL® -- IT Service Management Series

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Training Catalog

Becoming Agile

2 Days

What is your best option concerning the Agile Methods?

Make your software development projects more agile!

The Agile software development methods are designed to make software development quicker, more responsive to the customer's needs, and resilient in the face of change. They are based on the unique philosophy that success in software projects is not dependent upon exhaustive planning, fully documented requirements and rigorous change control. They present a new way to think about software projects that results in projects that look quite different from traditional projects.

This course will help you to understand how you might be able to capitalize on the practices of the various Agile Methods to build your own agile process. Each student will receive a copy of the book Agile Software Development: Evaluating the Methods For Your Organization (2005, Artech House Books) and the Excel workbook that supports the book.

During this course, you will:

  • Understand the philosophies and principles upon which the Agile Methods are founded
  • Examine the 9 dimensions of the Essence of Agility
  • Contrast Agile and traditional teaming
  • Look at project planning in Agile projects
  • Learn the unique way that Agile projects manage requirements
  • Apply Agile quality practices
  • Choose from three case studies to apply what you learn
  • Create an Agile action plan for your organization

Who should attend this course?

  • Managers of software development
  • Software team leads
  • Software developers
  • Specialists in software development processes and quality assurance

Course Outline (2 Days):

  • Day 1
    1. Introduction to Agility
      • The Essence of Agility
    2. Us vs. Them Teams
      • Traditional vs. Agile Teaming
      • Case Study: Adopting Agile Teaming
      • My Organization: Adopting Agile Teaming
    3. My Project Plan, Right or Wrong
      • Traditional vs. Agile Planning
      • Case Study: Adopting Agile Planning
      • My Organization: Adopting Agile Planning
  • Day 2
    1. The Insidious Creeping Scope
      • Traditional vs. Agile Requirements
      • Case Study: Adopting Agile Requirements
      • My Organization: Adopting Agile Requirements
    2. Where's the Quality?
      • Traditional vs. Agile Quality
      • Case Study: Adopting Agile Quality
      • My Organization: Adopting Agile Quality
    3. Agile Adoption Plan
      • My Organization: Agile Adoption Plan

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