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Agile Software Development Series

Executive Workshop: Agile Methods
– 1+/- Day

Becoming Agile – 2 Days

Agile and Iterative Development – 3 Days

Managing Software Projects Using Scrum
– 2 Days

Coaching Agile Teams – 1 Day

Agile Product Owner Workshop – 2 Days

Agile Story-Writing Workshop – 1 Day

Agile Software Development Using Scrum Workshop – 1 Day

Agile Software Development and the PMBOK® – 2 Days

The Role of Testers in Agile Projects – 1 Day

Managing Agile Projects in a CMMI®-Rated Organization – 2 Days

ITIL® Service Management the Agile Way – 1 Day

Software Project Management Series

Software Quality Series

Business Analysis Series

ITIL® -- IT Service Management Series

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Training Catalog

Managing Agile Projects in a CMMI®-Rated Organization

2 Days

Agile software development methods have proven to be a viable approach for achieving software development success in a rapidly changing business environment. You can implement an Agile approach in an organization for which a CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model Integration) rating is vital (either a Maturity Level – ML or Capability Levels – CL). But care must be taken to ensure that your CMMI rating is not jeopardized in the process.

This training course will provide a roadmap for a CMMI-rated organization to embrace an Agile approach as one of its approved software development lifecycles. It addresses the Agile implications of every CMMI Process Area. For each project-focused CMMI Process Area, it addresses the Specific Goals and Specific Practices, identifies legitimate and allowable Alternative Practices where needed, quotes any Agile guidance provided by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute), and provides a clear path to implementing Agile practices in a way that satisfies those Specific Goals.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of Agile software development
  • Gain a new understanding of the CMMI's requirements
  • Learn what the SEI has to say about Agile methods
  • Develop CMMI-compliant processes (up to ML5 or CL5) for your Agile projects
  • Use a defined process on Agile projects
  • Quantitatively manage Agile projects
  • Institutionalize Agile processes

Who should attend this course?

  • Managers of Software Development organizations
  • Software Project Managers and Team Leads
  • Software professionals
  • Process Group managers and members
  • Quality Assurance managers and personnel
  • Compliance officers and analysts
  • CMMI experts and analysts

Course Outline (2 Days):

  • Day 1
    1. Overview: Agile & CMMI
      • What Agile Is and Is Not
      • What CMMI Does & Does Not Require
      • Agile-CMMI Compatibilities
      • OPD - Organizational Process Definition
    2. Agile Project Planning and Management
      • PP - Project Planning
      • PMC - Project Monitoring and Control
      • DAR - Decision Analysis and Resolution
      • OPD - IPM - Integrated Project Management
      • OPD - RSKM - Risk Management
    3. Agile Requirements and Configuration Management
      • RD - Requirements Development
      • REQM - Requirements Management
      • CM - Configuration Management
  • Day 2
    1. Agile Technical Processes
      • TS - Technical Solution
      • PI - Product Integration
      • VAL - Validation
      • VER - Verification
    2. Higher-Maturity Agile Processes
      • QPM - Quantitative Project Management
      • CAR - Causal Analysis and Resolution
    3. Organizational Processes and Agile Projects
      • PPQA - Process and Product Quality Assurance
      • MA - Measurement and Analysis
      • SAM - Supplier Agreement Management
      • OPD - Organizational Process Development
      • OPF - Organizational process Focus
      • OT - Organizational Training
      • OPM - Organizational Performance Management
      • OPP - Organizational Process Performance
    4. Agile Projects and Generic Goals & Practices
      • GG1 Achieving Specific Goals
      • GG2 Institutionalize a Managed Process
      • GG3 Institutionalize a Defined Process
    5. Closure
      • Your Agile CMMI Implementation Plan

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