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Agile and Iterative Development – 3 Days

Managing Software Projects Using Scrum
– 2 Days

Coaching Agile Teams – 1 Day

Agile Product Owner Workshop – 2 Days

Agile Story-Writing Workshop – 1 Day

Agile Software Development Using Scrum Workshop – 1 Day

Agile Software Development and the PMBOK® – 2 Days

The Role of Testers in Agile Projects – 1 Day

Managing Agile Projects in a CMMI®-Rated Organization – 2 Days

ITIL® Service Management the Agile Way – 1 Day

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The Role of Testers in Agile Projects

1 Day

The books about the Agile methods say nothing about testers. Some have suggested that this means there is no role for testers to play. But recent experience of Agile teams is that testers have much they can contribute to Agile projects.

In this class, we will explore the various ways that testers have been integrated into Agile teams and how testers' special knowledge and abilities can be harnessed for the customer's advantage.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain testing in Agile projects
  • Describe the two primary ways that testers are integrated into Agile teams
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each of those two approaches
  • Integrate testers into your Agile projects

Who should attend this course?

  • Managers of software development and software testing
  • Testers and others for whom testing is an important activity
  • Specialists in software development processes and quality assurance

Course Outline:

  • The values, principles and philosophies that underpin Agility
  • Testing-related activities in Agile projects
  • Option 1: Testers Integrated into the Agile Team
  • Option 2: Testers as a Separate Agile Team
  • Identifying the Approach for Your Organiation

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