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Business Analysis Series

Executive Workshop: Business Analysis – 1+/- Day

Overview of Business Analysis
(and the BABOK)
– 3 Days

Analyzing Business Processes
(BABOK: Enterprise Analysis)
– 4 Days

Managing Requirements Activities
(BABOK: Requirements Planning, Management, Communication)
– 2 Days

Requirements Engineering
(BABOK: Requirements Elicitation & Analysis)
– 3 Days

Documenting Requirements
(BABOK: Requirements Documentation and Communication)
– 2 Days

Ensuring Requirement Satisfaction
(BABOK: Solution Assessment & Validation)
– 2 Days

ITIL® -- IT Service Management Series

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Training Catalog

Analyzing Business Processes
(BABOK: Enterprise Analysis)

4 Days

Understand how business processes work, and when they need to be improved!

The BA Body of Knowledge (BABOK) defines the role of the BA in supporting management's project investment decisions. This support includes building accurate models of the enterprise's business processes and analyzing those processes to uncover the reasons for problems and what may be done about them.

This course explains how to analyze, model, and clearly define a business process. Understand the role and responsibilities of the business analyst in successful process improvement projects. Learn how to define business processes as they are today, identify the root causes of problems with existing processes, and model how the processes will be in the future. Then prepare and present a coherent business case for making the needed process improvements.

During this course, you will:

  • Understand the role of the Business Analyst (BA)
  • Use a variety of methods to model and analyze a business process
  • Determine root causes of problems and options for correcting them
  • Perform feasibility studies to identify the optimal solution
  • Define and model the improved process
  • Get stakeholder buy-in for process improvement

Who should attend this course?

  • Business Analysts
  • System analysts
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Product managers
  • Program managers

Course Outline (4 Days):

  • Day 1
    1. Overview of Enterprise Analysis
    2. The Role of the BA in Enterprise Analysis
    3. Creating and Maintaining the Business Architecture
    4. Modeling the "As Is" process
  • Day 2
    1. Modeling the "As Is" process (continued)
  • Day 3
    1. Determine Causes of Problems
    2. Determine Process Improvement Options
    3. Conducting Feasibility Studies
    4. Modeling the "To Be" process
  • Day 4
    1. Defining Initial project Scope, Constraints and Risks
    2. Preparing the Business Case for Process Improvement
    3. Preparing and Presenting the Decision Package
    4. Enterprise Analysis in Context

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