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Business Analysis Series

Executive Workshop: Business Analysis – 1+/- Day

Overview of Business Analysis
(and the BABOK)
– 3 Days

Analyzing Business Processes
(BABOK: Enterprise Analysis)
– 4 Days

Managing Requirements Activities
(BABOK: Requirements Planning, Management, Communication)
– 2 Days

Requirements Engineering
(BABOK: Requirements Elicitation & Analysis)
– 3 Days

Documenting Requirements
(BABOK: Requirements Documentation and Communication)
– 2 Days

Ensuring Requirement Satisfaction
(BABOK: Solution Assessment & Validation)
– 2 Days

ITIL® -- IT Service Management Series

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Training Catalog

Executive Workshop: Business Analysis

1+/- Day

What is your best option concerning Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is becoming a recognized organizationally specialty. The International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) has published the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) and established the Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) credential. So, how should your organization embrace Business Analysis? Who should be Business Analysts (BAs)? Where should BAs be placed in the organizational structure? What should be the BAs' responsibilities? And how should BAs relate to the other roles you have already defined?

Regardless of the structure of your organization; no matter if you are the champion for Business Analysis or are responding to others; whatever your team members' current level of knowledge or understanding about Business Analysis; this workshop will help you to quickly identify the issues and make an appropriate decision about how to respond.

This workshop is normally one full day. But depending upon your individual need, it can be tailored back to a half-day, or up to two or three days.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Fill in any knowledge gaps about Business Analysis that you or others may have
  • Frame the issues surrounding the decisions to be made
  • Examine the impacts of the Business Analysis processes on those issues and the organizaiton
  • Outline a strategy for moving forward
  • (Optionally) plan the first steps you will take

Who should attend this course?

  • The senior executive responsible for these decisions
  • Affected direct reports to the Senior Executive
  • (Optional) Specialists in software development processes and quality assurance

Course Outline (1+/- Day):

(While every workshop is unique, a generic outline might look like this.)
  1. Outline the current situation and purpose of the Workshop
    • Questions that must be addressed
    • Constraints that must be honored
  2. Learn about Business Analysis as needed
    • Bring participants to a common, minimal level of understanding
  3. Discuss the Business Analysis processes and their impacts on projects and the organization
  4. Brainstorm options for going forward
    • Critique and prioritize options
  5. (Optional) Plan an your response
    • Agree on a top-level outline for the plan
    • (Breakout sessions) Plan specific activities
    • Embrace and commit to the plan

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