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Training Catalog

Developing Software
Test Strategies and Cases

2 Days

Achieve superior quality through high-value testing strategies and test cases!

A structured testing process is key to delivering a better product, on time. Often quality testing has not kept pace with the sophistication of software and systems development. Lack of resources, poor testing environments, outdated methodologies, and no clear organization can contribute.

This course will help you attack these problems head-on! In this interactive workshop, you will understand how to overcome obstacles, how to better use the resources you have available, and how to apply new methodologies to create a solid strategy for designing and implementing a software testing program that fits your environment and business objectives. It offers you an opportunity to break away from business as usual - exposing you to new systems and methods that can enhance every aspect of your testing process. You'll examine the benefits as well as the limitations of new methodologies. If you need to make a total change in direction, you'll learn what will work best in your situation.

During this course, you will:

  • Design and develop effective test plans
  • Better manage your time and resources
  • Understand "Traceability" and its importance to testing
  • Develop industry-approved quality plans
  • Improve process and repeatability
  • Limiting the impact of regression testing
  • Learn to ship a more reliable product at a reduced cost

Who should attend this course?

  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • QA managers
  • Software testers

Course Outline (2 Days):

  • Day 1
    1. Quality Concepts and Principles
    2. Organization, Cooperation and Personnel Issues
    3. Test Planning
    4. Objectives and Focus of Unit, Integration, System and Acceptance Testing
    5. Strategies for identifying Tests
    6. Developing Effective Test Cases
  • Day 2
    1. Test Cases for Environmental Issues
    2. Test Cases for Security Issues
    3. Test Cases for Web-Specific Issues
    4. Regression Testing
    5. Automation of Testing
    6. Measuring and Managing Testing

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