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Training Catalog

Earned Value Planning and Management

2 Days

Gain objective, quantitative control over your projects!

We invest an awful lot of time and effort into putting together a plan that will help us to keep the project under control. But the actually status tracking and project control still feels like an act of faith. Even if we believe that team members are not trying to deceive us, we are still surprised too often. We need a better way to manage the work.

Earned Value is a quantitative method to manage projects. It removes much of the subjectivity from status reporting, and provides a way not only to concretely understand where the project is, but also to forecast the remainder of the project on the basis of both the original plan and progress-to-date.

During this course, you will:

  • Become familiar with the concepts and terminology of Earned Value (EV) management
  • Learn how to plan your projects to enable EV management
  • Collect the metrics that are required for EV Management
  • Interpret and act upon what the EV project status says

Who should attend this course?

  • Managers of software development
  • Software team leads
  • Software developers
  • Specialists in software development processes and quality assurance

Course Outline (2 Days):

  • Day 1 - Earned Value Planning
    1. Introduction to Earned Value (EV)
    2. Task Planning for EV Management
    3. Task Estimation for EV Management
    4. Producing a Project EV Plan
    5. Producing Individual Team Members' EV Plans
  • Day 2 - Earned Value Status Tracking
    1. Collecting EV metrics
    2. Computing Individual Team Members' EV status
    3. Computing Project EV Status
    4. Interpreting EV Status and Taking Corrective Action

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